Medi-Cal is a complex and ever-changing field. Navigating its intricate rules is made especially difficult by the fact that much of what is understood about it is not officially codified, but rather learned from experience. For this reason, it is full of traps for the unwary and the uninitiated. The process of planning for Medi-Cal is multilayered. It involves both achieving eligibility for the much-needed benefits and also preserving as much of the family estate as possible from later recovery once Medi-Cal coverage is no longer needed.

We focus our practice on Medi-Cal planning.

We take pride in doing so in an open and compassionate way. We take full advantage of the law and the regulations and do everything in our power to find the highest quality care for the subject individuals, while at the same time preventing as much recovery by the government as possible down the road. In this way, the legacy of the family is hopefully preserved and the dreams of the older generation regarding the transfer of their assets to their beloved children or grandchildren are not lost. Let us handle that for you. If you or anyone in your family or a friend or a colleague is facing a Medi-Cal situation, please call us for a consultation. Often we can assess and analyze the circumstances in one or two meetings and provide peace of mind for the future. If more work is needed, we both know how to do it and will do it at a reasonable price. Don’t take this on by yourself. We are here for you.